Inter City Row Cultural Arts Institute was established for the training and education of individuals interest in the Arts.  The professional artists working at the Institute, works with individuals between the ages of 4 years to adulthood.  The Institute offers classes in Classical Ballet, Beginning through Advanced Jazz, Ballet and Modern, and classes in West African.  As an Institute we also offers classes in Beginning through Advance training in Classical Piano and beginning through advance Acting. 

The need for a training round for the Black community became apparent when the Board of Directors of Inter City Row Modern Dance Company recognized that there was a disparity in art programming and dance in and for the African American community. 

Inter City Row Cultural Arts Institute offers three scholarships in four age brackets: 4-6 years of age; 7-9 years of age; 10-12 years of age; and 13-15 years of age.

Performance programs and educational programs that are offered to the students at the institute are:  The Children Concert Series in Dance; Art in the Hood; and the Black Dancers and Choreographers Conference.