Luther Cox Jr. is the Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer of Inter City Row Modern Dance Company. Mr. Cox is a native of Shreveport and graduate of Florida A&M University of Tallahasee, Florida. He also, holds a Masters degree in Dance from the University of Houston, Clear Lake. Mr. Cox began teaching after he returned to Shreveport from college in Florida for Shreveport Parks and Recreation. Luther's most influential mentor and teacher is Ms. Beverly A. Barber who taught him at Florida A&M University, although, he feels that alot of his inspiration came from past choreographers and artistic directors such as Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, and Arthur Mitchell. Inter City Row Modern Dance Company, now 25 years of age, celebrates the honor of being the oldest Africian American operating dance company in the State of Louisiana. 



Since 1975, Luther Cox has collaborated consistently with local artist, symphonies, opra companies, theatre and schools. Mr. Cox's opra collabortions include Aida and Treemonisha. Symphony collabortions include The People Concerts and Music Under the Stars. His theatre works include A Chorus Line, Fanstikics, For Colored Girls, Who have Considered Suicide, For My People, Livin' Fat, and more.. In 2006 Mr. Cox had the pleasure of working with actress Sanaa Latham as choreographer for a Walt Disney production.



In 1986, Cox left Shreveport, but not Inter City Row Modern Dance Company, to become Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Southwestern, in Lafayette, LA. He still managed to run Inter City Row Modern Dance Company with great assistance from the Board of Directors and Assistant Director Dewanna Lovelace. In 2000 Luther became Coordinator of Dance at Southern University/Shreveport, where he designed and instituted a Technical Studies in Dance program, offering  a certification in dance after a two year study.



Mr. Cox talents as a Master Teacher, Choreographer, and Cultural Ambassador have led him and the company around the tri-State area. He has taught workshops and master classes to people of all ages and backgrounds in venues such as neighborhood centers, parks, outdoors and Universities, bringing the spirit that dance/art is essential to the health of our society.



Luther has received choreographic fellowships from the Louisiana State Arts Council, The Shreveport Regional Arts Council, The Lila Wallace Readers Digest Foundation and a Technical Assistance Grant from the State of Louisiana to study in West Africa with the Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble.